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 What Is the Bible Study Course Offered by Jehovah’s Witnesses?

See how our Free Bible Study Program works. A personal instructor can help guide you Step by Step. This can be Conducted from Any Part of the World in the Privacy & Comfort of Your Home.

Online Bibles - Over 160 languages -  Read, listen, or download from the Online Bible including our Sign language videos.  Our Bible Publications are Always Free of Charge to the Public.

Why Study the Bible?  Learn how the Bible can help you find answers to life’s big questions.

Bible Study ToolsOur extensive library of Free Bible study tools and resources can help you to deepen your Personal Bible study and understand the Word of God more fully. Enhance your study with Bible videos, a Bible encyclopedia, a Bible atlas, a glossary of Biblical terms, and other free Bible tools.

Bible Questions Answered - What does the Bible really teach?

JW Search Engine - Search a word or topic.

Request a Digital Visit - Learn more about the Bible or Jehovah’s Witnesses without being exposed to COVID.

As the Storm Approaches, Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!

The Complete New World Translation of the Bible Is Available in ASL - Watch ASL Video with SoundTry our publications in other Sign Languages too! Browse around you may be suprised of the many Languages.

JW Blog | DepressedPlease share this Blog Post on your social media and save a life today... 

Private Help Chat -  Speak with one of Jehovah's Witnesses should you be in need of some assistance.

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